Solution approach: Hotels and gastronomy

If there is one sector besides the event and trade fair industry that has been hit particularly hard, it is undoubtedly the catering industry in all its entrepreneurial forms and facets. Since the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020, restaurants, hotels and discotheques have been affected by declines in sales that threaten their very existence or even complete cancellations. Until today, the evaluation enterprises are considerably restricted in the design of the catering due to the infection protection law and the measures prescribed therein. For the vast majority of discotheques and amusement parks there is still a ban on hospitality. There is no concrete date when a cancellation can be expected.

Masks obligatory, distance rule and entrance control deprive the gastronomy of its main selling point: the cosiness

The best indication of this is the exploding turnover of fast food window sales and delivery services. This is a dangerous new usage behavior that puts additional pressure on the catering businesses. Because: Those who are convinced by the delivery services in times of a pandemic may go to a restaurant less often after the pandemic. In addition it comes that the attendance of a restaurant with inlet separation rather resembles a stress life, than a moment of pleasure. The guests are as insecure as possible and prefer to stay at home.

The SAFETYSPACE catering promise: Cosiness with safety

The SAFETYSPACE platform solution for pandemic security brings back comfort to the hospitality industry, because we have carefully analyzed the challenges facing the hospitality industry and transformed them into a practical and affordable platform solution. According to the leading virologists, aerosols are mainly responsible for the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Hotspots of the pandemic were ultimately catering establishments in a well-known Austrian ski resort. Pubs and carnival tents around Cologne and the district of Heinsberg (NRW, Germany) have also demonstrably caused the infection figures to explode. The caution of the authorities with regard to infection protection is therefore absolutely justified. Such an event must not be repeated. With SAFETYSPACE it does not have to be.

SAFETYSPACE supplies room air filters and room air disinfection for restaurants, hotels and discotheques

SAFETYSPACE is already delivering the solutions for the hospitality industry that politicians want for the future. Our solution for your restaurant, your business or your hotel is very simple: We disinfect the air in your restaurant with the help of innovative UVC air disinfection systems, which are installed almost invisibly on the ceiling. Scientifically proven, the aerosols migrate to the ceiling where they are reliably sucked in and disinfected by the SAFETYSPACE technology. In real time, without filters, simple and secure. SAFETYSPACE completely dispenses with HEPA filters to avoid dangerous concentrations of viruses. What are the costs? The costs for reliableroom air disinfection are affordable even for smaller gastronomy businesses and in comparison to the currently accepted loss of turnover of about 50% in 2020 (see press release DEHOGA, 8.9.2020) they are just negligible.

Investment security also “after” Corona

For all restaurateurs who still delay their decision in the belief that Corona will pass by at some point, do – to dwell on the jargon – the “bill without the host”. The hygiene sensitivity of the guests will also be high in the future. In addition, the SAFETYSPACE solution also eliminates other germs, mold spores and other viruses permanently. A powerful argument for the future. The course for the future is set in the crisis. After that it may already be too late. And the guests allow cosiness and hospitality only where they feel safe.

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