Solution approach: Judicial buildings and authorities

Public buildings such as government offices, courts of justice, and universities are currently severely restricted in their ability to receive visitors and employees. The absolutely necessary personal contact is missing to make citizen service a personal experience. Students lack personal exchange, which will certainly have a negative effect on the learning outcome. Research in teamwork is only possible to a limited extent. Legal proceedings must be postponed.

Here, too, our approach of a modular innovative total platform solution can be the promising solution. The digital registration of all persons on the premises or in the building serves as the basis of our system. The creation of a designed temporary pavilion architecture takes away the impression of an unprofessional provisional measure. The issue of electronic access passes based on RFID cards is included in our modules and used for identification in building areas. Camera and sensor supported visitor screening with mask recognition and primary symptom recognition by single thermal scans are proven components of our technology platform. This technology platform requires investments in future viability in order to be prepared for events similar to the current pandemic.

Only a digitally controlled overall system enables simple and flexible adaptation to changing pandemic conditions. This platform enables you to control the number of people in your building at all times and to comply with the infection protection regulations in your building. It also allows you to trace chains of infection in response to official requests. Make your buildings and infrastructure pandemic-proof.

Rely on us for future-proof solutions that increase building security even in times without a pandemic. We would be happy to develop a complete solution for the security of your building or infrastructure. The development naturally includes the integration of already existing security infrastructure into our concept. Together with our experts, we are happy to develop and implement a professional and successful overall concept.

The smooth cooperation of our experts in the fields of event technology/security, security technology, software development and 3D marketing enables the realization of a fast, flexible and professional solution to your problem.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in developing and implementing suitable projects and system solutions for our customers.

Used technology

SAFETYSPACE - Gericht Leer
SAFETYSPACE Gerichtsgebäude


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