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Educational institutions and their buildings such as schools, vocational schools, universities, and colleges are currently severely limited in their function of enabling encounters between learners and teachers. Students lack personal exchange, which will certainly have a negative effect on the learning outcome. Research in teamwork is only possible to a limited extent. The compliance with the 3 A rules is only conditionally realizable. Wearing the mouth and nose protector in the classroom during lessons is cumbersome and will certainly not be the solution for qualified teaching in the long run until the end of the pandemic. The concepts for ventilation and deaeration carried out so far only work to a limited extent or not at all. Construction defects or windows that cannot be opened do not support the urgently needed reduction of the virus load in the aerosols of the room air.

We solve this problem with 4 solution approaches.

  • Digitally supported access solutions with hand disinfection, detection of disease symptoms and AI-based mask recognition
  • Reduction of the viral load in the room air by air disinfection or filtration.
  • Aerosol protection through glass partition walls
  • Distance control support with UWB radio technology

Supportive studies on indoor air disinfection recommend reducing the viral load in the aerosols by filtering them. Two methods are suitable for this.

Cleaning with high-performance filters so-called HEPA filters of filter stage 13 and higher. These are able to filter foreign substances in the room air, especially bacteria and viruses. The filters kill the viruses by thermal cleaning processes or must be changed.

The second method is the disinfection by UV C light through active UVC filter systems. The application functions completely without foreign substances and works with a principle of the damage of the cell DNA by irradiation with UV C light, proven for decades.

"DNA is a long-chain molecule that is constructed as a twisted double helix, similar to a spiral staircase. The connection between the two side strands is formed by base pairs of four basic building blocks (adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine, abbreviated as A, T, G and C). With a certain frequency, two of these base pairs, each with one thymine, are next to each other. Here, the UVC works by destroying the connection to the adenine of the opposite strand and linking the adjacent thymines. These two adjacent bases form a very stable dimer (thymidine dimer). If the DNA is used by the cell for protein production or duplicated for cell division, the reading enzymes stop at this point. The more defective spots a DNA strand has, the greater the damage to the life of the cell, e.g. also to microorganisms. This principle explains the dose-response principle: the higher the UVC dose, the more frequent the damage and the higher the killing rate, because the reading process is interrupted. Thus the lack of enzymes and the blockade of the cell division leads to cell death"(knowledge of UV pro orca GmbH, Hungenbach 1D, 51515 Kürten)

This application applies to all germs and viruses and even mold spores.

In order to optimize the necessary investments in infrastructure, we develop methods and applications that combine the investment in the necessary digitalization with the need for virus load reduction. We offer simple 2-1 smart components that provide future-proof solutions for pandemic security and digitization. To make the possible infection comprehensible outside the classrooms and on the entire school premises, we also recommend the implementation of digital technologies as a digital platform solution.

From the creation of a designed temporary pavilion architecture or the smart Welcome Stele, we offer a secure access option. The output of UWB Devices (Ultra Wideband radio technology) supports the compliance of the distance control. The users are warned by optical and acoustic signals if the minimum safety distance is not reached. The simultaneous recording of the movement profile enables the complete tracking of a possible chain of infection. You do not have to close your entire facility, but can take specific measures together with the authorities.

The alternative support with electronic access cards based on RFID cards will be included in our modules if required and used for identification in building areas.

Camera and sensor supported visitor screening with mask recognition and primary symptom recognition by single thermal scans are proven components of our technology platform. This technology platform requires investments in future viability in order to be prepared for events similar to the current pandemic.

Only a technological solution approach with a digitally controlled overall system enables simple and flexible adaptation to changing pandemic conditions. This platform enables you to control the number of people in your building at all times and to comply with the infection protection regulations in your building. It also allows you to trace chains of infection in response to official requests. Make your buildings and infrastructure pandemic-proof.

Rely on us for future-proof solutions that increase building security even in times without a pandemic. We would be happy to develop a complete solution for the security of your building or infrastructure. The development naturally includes the integration of already existing security infrastructure into our concept. Together with our experts, we are happy to develop and implement a professional and successful overall concept.

The smooth cooperation of our experts in the fields of event technology/security, security technology, radio technology, network technology, software development and 3D marketing enables the realization of a fast, flexible and professional solution to your problem.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in developing and implementing suitable projects and system solutions for our customers.

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